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The INTERNATIONAL QUALITY ASSURANCE INC. team is made up of hospitality professionals knowledgeable in quality assurance and hotel operations and is supported by a skilled editorial team in the main office.

The primary role of the professional consulting staff is to collect detailed data from the field. Using that information, they produce a precise report of the visit, including interactions with the staff, observations of operations within the context of standard operating procedures and, perhaps most importantly to our clients, staff’s cash management.

Our experts prepare reports based solely on the facts without consideration for their personal preferences or expectations. The information in the narrative is then conveyed via numeric scores which are based on an extensive questionnaire. IQA’s editorial team verifies the integrity of every document and ensures the information is presented in accessible and clear language.

IQA consultants have worked in the hotel and resort field for over 10 years, achieved high-level positions in well-known luxury, lived and worked in multiple countries and have degrees from prestigious schools. IQA editors have at least a decade of experience in editing, communications or publishing and thoroughly understand the hotel/resort industry.

The synergy among IQA leadership, the consulting staff and editors ensures a seamless experience for our clients.