Cash Integrity

Do you know who pocketed the money? As leading, worldwide auditors of the luxury hospitality market, we have vast experience within the competitive set that can assist you in controlling your resources and lower your risk of revenue loss and theft. We deliver our fully customized report results securely and rapidly, providing you with beneficial, real-time intelligence that affects your bottom line.

Revenue Projection

Can you ignore additional revenue? Our in-depth reporting provides you with valuable information regarding lost additional revenue opportunities. We help you identify the key opportunities to increase the per ticket value at all points of sale. We regularly witness an average of 30% of missed potential income. How much revenue loss does that translate to per guest, per transaction, per year?

Quality Assurance

Do you need confidential quality insights? We have created benchmark standards based on our extensive global hospitality experience in the up market and in depth experience of five diamond hoteliers that supersede industry requirements for world class ratings. We pair our SOP expertise with your in-house procedures to create detailed reporting that addresses all of your needs.